Newborn Boy Clothes

Written by Norene Anderson
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There are many choices for newborn boy clothes. Spring and summer apparel offers sunsuit and hat sets, a tank and shorts set, creeper and shorts set with bib, and many others. Rompers are very popular for newborns. Fall and winter apparel includes various themes of fleece top and corduroy pant sets. A matching hat is often part of the set.

Soft, comfortable material is the most important element in newborn boy clothes. For the mom, easy access for diaper changing is important. Easy-to-snap footed pants are great for cool weather. One-piece coveralls make dressing the newborn quick and easy. One item a newborn nursery can never have too many of is the undershirt/creeper.

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Newborn boy clothes are designed for every possible theme and holiday. There are special outfits for Christmas, patriotic holidays, sports, christening, and other occasions. Of course, every outfit must have matching socks. There are acrylic and nylon combination dress socks and there are two-tone socks for casual or dress.

Do not forget about outerwear for these little fellows. A warm lined hooded coverall is great for those cold, wintry days, especially if you must be in and out a lot. Babies cannot hold body heat as well as adults since there is usually a limited amount of fat. You have to make up for it by extra wraps. Make sure the fabric is smooth on the inside. Newborn baby skin is easily irritated.

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