Nursing Apparel

Written by Norene Anderson
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Nursing apparel is designed to be both stylish and supportive. The latest fashion designs for nursing moms are made to offer discreet nursing activity. A criss-cross tunic offers easy access to either side for nursing while offering cover for the chest area. It is available in fashionable colors to match any pant or jean attire.

Another design in nursing apparel offers the stylish fashion of silk, polyester, and spandex blend with a built-in bra. It has two openings for nursing delicately covered by a pull-down front. Many fabric types are designed in comfort and functionality. A soft, stretchy acrylic with an under layer of nylon accentuates a design with discreetly hidden access for nursing and privacy.

Find the Latest Nursing Apparel

Even exercise nursing apparel is in stylish design. A matching velour pant and jacket offers two extended armholes for comfortable nursing positioning. The twinset-style design provides privacy and coverage of the chest area. The matching pants have drawstring and elastic for comfort around the waist. You can dress in comfort and style while being able to comfortably and discreetly nurse your infant.

Nursing apparel is also available in a crop-T design. With two side-slit openings for nursing under a crop layer, you can dress in complete comfort while wearing the latest color and design. Choose from color combinations such as white with burgundy/pink, navy/light blue, or violet/purple accents.

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