Nursing Sleepwear

Written by Norene Anderson
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Nursing sleepwear is an important consideration. Comfort and nursing accessibility are the two major components to look for in sleepwear. The basic choices are gowns, pajamas, and shorties. Gowns are in two common designs. The long-sleeved gown may be cotton, flannel, nylon, or other soft fabric content. Softness is the key. You certainly do not want to wear a gown with a rough surface or decorations that may scratch the tender skin of a new baby.

Another type of gown is called a nightshirt. This is a gown in the design of a long shirt. It may be long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or sleeveless. 100 percent cotton is the most popular fabric. It is easy to care for and comfortable to wear year round. Both types of gowns are designed with nursing slits for quick feeding access.

Nursing Sleepwear Is Comfortable

It is common for pregnancy to cause a feeling of being less than attractive for some women. Beautiful nightwear can change the way you feel. Elegantly designed gowns with lace trim add a feeling of beauty and self-worth in every trimester. A special touch of femininity makes the design desirable.

Delicately decorated cotton pajamas with a full elasticized waistband are a favorite with many pregnant women. The pajama top has a button front for ease of nursing access. Pull-on bottoms are comfortable and move with you in bed. Cotton jersey is a smooth fabric that will last and last. Pretty floral designs add just the right touch of femininity.

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