Swing Sets

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There comes a time in every parent's life when it becomes necessary to seek out equipment to keep babies busy and amused. Swing sets are just such pieces of equipment. They keep your baby safe and amused, and more importantly, quiet, leaving you with time in which to do your chores and give time to your other children.

Babies Love Swings

Safely strapped into a swing set, babies are usually mesmerized by the rocking action and quickly quiet down if they are agitated. Some parents like to give their baby a regular set time in the swing every day, others use it whenever they feel it is called for! Your baby should be ready to swing from about six weeks of age with proper head support.

Adult Supervision at all Times

Beware though; your older children are likely to be jealous of their younger sibling's swing set, which means you'll have to buy a bigger version just for them. This brings me to another point. Never leave a small baby unattended in a swing set, particularly if there are other older children about. Adult supervision is always necessary when babies and toddlers are using swings.

Check Weight Limits

There are a number of different models of swings sets, and which one you choose will largely depend on the age of your baby and space available. If your baby is under a year old, make sure there is a head support in the harness, as babies of under a year will not have the strength to hold their heads steady while bouncing. Always judge swing set size by matching the recommended weight with the weight of your baby.

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