Baby Announcement Websites

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Anything worthwhile deserves to be announced. Receiving a promotion, starting a new business, or getting married are all events worthy of being publicized. Without a doubt, the biggest announcement anybody will make is when they have a child. I know, if you win the lottery or become president those would be big announcements, but really, having a kid is one of the most exciting announcements.

Baby announcements come in all shapes and sizes. Cigars, door tags, and cards are traditional ways of introducing a child to the world. Technology has added a new way to announce the birth of a child: baby announcement websites. Announcement websites offer several benefits and advantages over more traditional announcement methods.

Advantages of Baby Announcement Websites

A new baby presents many challenges for the parents. Sleepless nights, diaper changing, and constant feeding all require a substantial investment of time from parents. Finding the time to keep everyone informed can be a bit of a challenge. Time away from parenting duties is often better spent taking a nap, cleaning up the house, or taking a steaming hot shower.

Announcement websites drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to notify family and friends of a new addition to the family. Instead of choosing, ordering, writing, and sending out individual announcement cards, new parents can build a website and notify everyone with a couple of mouse clicks. Many baby announcement websites offer a mass mail capability that generates an e-mail message for everyone in an address book. Click and send capability is a huge attraction to baby announcement websites for new, extremely busy parents.

Websites also offer the ability to keep family and friends informed of the growth and progress of a child. Traditional announcement cards give one-time information on a baby's birth. Websites can be kept and modified to include new photos as the baby grows, and many offer message boards for family and friends to stay informed on the baby's progress. Distant friends and relatives will enjoy being able to see the child's progress through a steadily updated website.

Design and Functionality of Baby Announcement Websites

As noted above, a new baby requires a lot of time and attention from parents. Understanding this, providers of baby websites have made building an announcement website simple and easy to understand. Many website providers do not require previous website design experience: they offer design programs that are as simple to use as e-mail. To simplify the design process, providers have a wide selection of templates that can be used. Sites are then built easily and can be instantly modified with a click of a mouse.

The main purpose of a baby announcement website is to provide pictures of and information about the newborn child. Announcement websites will offer the capability to directly upload photos from a personal computer. A website should have the means to organize photos into different photo albums, such as baby's first week, first birthday, or first trip to the zoo. Users can view the photos and easily store them to their desktop to print or save. Sites may include message boards for parents to keep family and friends informed, or for family and friends to leave messages for the parents.

Vendors generally offer two types of website services: free and premium. Free announcement websites will offer some of the same capabilities as premium sites but on a smaller scale. There are several differences between free and premium sites with the most common being their storage capabilities. Premium sites will offer a larger storage capacity, which allows more photos to be on the site. Free sites may also allow advertisements while premium sites should not. All in all, parents, family, and friends stand to benefit from utilizing this new method of announcing a new baby.

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