Baby Keepsake Albums

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Every single one of us has moments in our past we draw upon to put a smile on our face. More often than not, those memorable moments occurred during childhood. Why shouldn't they? Being a child is great, as it seems the entire world is at your fingertips and with an active imagination there is no limit to where you can go. It is no wonder there is such a wide selection of tools designed to aide in preserving childhood memories.

Preserving Memories from Early Childhood

A popular tool used to preserve moments from early childhood are baby keepsake albums. These books serve dual purposes: they allow parents to remember the early years and let grown children gain insight to what they were like as infants. As a parent, I sometimes lose perspective of how much my child has grown. Periodically looking at pictures and keepsakes saved in an album brings back memories and emotions from when our son was just a little baby and helps me appreciate how much he has grown.

There are keepsake album styles that fit every taste. Some albums can include poems and biblical scriptures along with spaces for parents to write notes and place photos. There are keepsake albums that allow for more creativity, ideal for those who enjoy scrap booking. Albums can track just the first few years of life or follow a child's growth up to age 18. Believe it or not, technology has launched advances in baby keepsake albums. Keepsake software and baby websites provide an interactive album, to which a broad base of family and friends can contribute.

Baby keepsake albums will likely include many photos of when a child was a newborn, toddler, or even a teenager. To protect the quality of the photos many keepsake albums are made from acid free paper. Acid free paper has the acid removed from the pulp and carries a neutral pH. This paper is commonly used in scrap booking because the color does not fade and it will not harm photos. Baby keepsake albums, virtual or real, will preserve childhood memories for years to come.

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