Baby Online Photo Albums

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Parents and grandparents tend to take a lot of pictures of their children and grandchildren. Some of these pictures will make it into photo albums or be sent to relatives and friends, but most will likely sit in a box. Sharing the pictures may not be that easy as families can be stretched across thousands of miles. Before storing baby pictures in a box, one may want to consider using an online baby photo album to store and share baby pictures.

Online baby photo albums are great instruments to use for sharing pictures with distant family and friends. Anyone with an internet connection can easily view, save, and print pictures from an online photo album. Some photo albums can be sent through e-mail services directly to those who care. Albums can also be maintained at a single internet address for the whole world to see.

Designing and building an online photo album can vary in degrees of difficulty. Some internet service providers will allow customers to have a select amount of internet space. The space can be used to design a family home page or online photo album. This type of online album requires experience with designing and maintaining websites. For those who are inexperienced with website programming, there are many services available that simplify the design process.

Creating an Online Photo Album

The first step to creating an online photo album is determining if a free or premium album is right for you. Your storage needs, desired capabilities, and design experience may be factors in choosing a free or paid service. Once a service is chosen, the next step is to pick the pictures that will go in the album. It is highly recommended to pick pictures that are well lit and the subject is highly visible.

The next step is to load the pictures onto the computer. This requires scanning or loading the pictures onto the hard drive. Make sure you give the file that contains the pictures an appropriate name so it will be easy to identify when it comes time to load the pictures to the album. Once the pictures are saved onto the computer's hard drive, they can be uploaded onto the online photo album. Most online photo album services make this process very easy to accomplish, and it should take just a few minutes. Once the pictures are uploaded, the album should be ready to be viewed by family and friends.

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