Baby Photo Albums

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Time flies. This is very true when it comes to raising a child. I remember when my wife was pregnant with our son it seemed like the pregnancy lasted forever. The big day finally came, our son Garrett was born, and the past three years have just flown by. Where have the past three years gone? The nine months (actually ten months) my wife was pregnant went so slow and yet the past three years have gone by in a flash. Garrett has gotten so big so fast, it is hard to believe he is only three.

Raising a child has made time fly for me and I sometimes lose perspective on how much Garrett has grown. It is times like that when I am very glad we have an expansive baby photo album. When I catch myself getting frustrated with Garrett for not listening or misbehaving, I try to look at the pictures of his life and realize he is still just a little boy.

Garrett's baby photo album has also created some great experiences when we look at it with him. He really enjoys seeing the pictures when he was just a newborn, pictures of his birthday parties and trips to the zoo. It is great when he looks at a picture and says with amazement "Look daddy, it's me." It has taken a little bit of work by my wife and me to keep the photo album up to date, but so far it has been well worth the investment.

Baby Photo Album Styles

There is a baby photo album style to match anybody's taste. Religious individuals have a wide selection of religiously themed photo albums that include scripture and prayer. Poetry lovers can choose a photo album that includes baby themed verses written by famous poets. You don't need to use a baby themed album, normal photo albums work just fine for creating a baby album if you so choose. If you decide to use a baby themed album that includes pages made of paper, make sure the paper is acid free. Acid free paper has a neutral pH that will not harm the photographs.

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