Baby Photo Contests

Written by Jacey Harmon
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When was the last time you heard a parent say "My child is the ugliest baby in the world."? Odds are you haven't, but you've likely heard (and probably thought) "My baby is the cutest thing in the world." Everyone thinks their baby is the most adorable little person on the planet. For those who have a little competitiveness, baby photo contests offer a chance to prove once and for all, you do have the cutest baby in the world. (Okay, maybe not the world but at least in the contest.)

Online Baby Photo Contests

There are several different baby photo contests available on the Internet. Online contests usually occur on a quarterly basis though some can happen bi-monthly, monthly, or even every week. The contests that occur weekly are typically offered through websites that have clubs or groups of parents and the contests are for members only.

Contests are not limited to just babies. Competitions are available for children up to age 12, yet most will be for children under the age of six. Larger contests will include age groups to break up the competition. Some contests are free while others charge entry fees of $20 or more. The contests that charge an entry fee will likely offer cash prizes and other special awards that may include a personalized trophy.

Many photo contests will follow a select theme: seasonal, best expression, most creative, or best quality picture. Whatever the theme, prize, or entry fee of a photo contest is, it's important to perform due diligence before entering a contest. Many contests will require you to send information regarding the address and name of the child. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure the information will be safeguarded and the child's identity will be protected. Any contest should offer plenty of contact information for a parent to perform research to ensure the contest is safe. If a competition is deemed worthy, it should be fun proving to everyone else your kid is cuter than theirs.

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