Baby Picture Websites

Written by Jacey Harmon
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As parents, we tend to take a lot of pictures of our children. Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of those pictures will likely just find their way into photo albums or storage boxes. The photo albums will probably sit on the shelf and only be looked at around birthdays or holidays, and storage boxes will be long forgotten up in the attic. Don't neglect your family's photos any longer and start posting them on the Internet for all to enjoy.

Thanks to savvy entrepreneurs, families now have the capability to share their family photos with everyone on the Internet. There is a wide selection of services on the Web that allow individuals to build personal family websites. They have simplified the design process to allow anybody to build a personal site with ease. The company will provide many templates to choose from with the capability to customize each site to personal preferences.

These sites are a great source for family and friends to keep in touch with each other. Family websites can be used to update others on the progress of a new baby or the entire family. A site that is steadily updated with new pictures will help far off loved ones experience the growth of the family. The site can also have the capability for visitors to leave messages, essentially creating a central location on the Web for friends and family to communicate with each other.

Fees Involved with Family Websites

An overwhelming majority of family website providers will offer some sort of free website service. The free sites will be limited in their functionality and will likely only allow a small number of photographs to be uploaded. Premium websites will allow for storage of a much higher number of photographs, in some cases several hundred. Premium sites may also not include any banner or link advertising and can even be password protected. The fees involved with a premium site will likely be under $40 a year.

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