Birth Announcements

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Everyone wants to announce the birth of a new child, and rightfully so, a new baby is a life changing experience for everyone involved. Parents have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to birth announcements. Traditional and virtual announcements offer a large selection of themes, styles, and colors that make it possible for anyone to find a birth announcement to fit their taste.

Birth Announcement Styles

A traditional birth announcement is simply a card that presents the specifics of a birth. Information regarding the baby's name, length, and weight as well as birth date and time are typically provided in traditional announcements. Parents can choose to include a picture of the newborn or have a photo printed directly on the announcement. The latter will typically take a longer period of time to be made after the birth.

Families can utilize the Internet to announce the birth of a child through birth announcement websites. These virtual announcements are similar to traditional announcements with the information they present. They differ as the website can be modified with new pictures and information as the child grows. Designing and maintaining a baby website is simple as most providers will have step-by-step software to aid in the design process.

There is no shortage of designs for birth announcements. Gender neutral or gender specific as well as themed announcements are available to choose from. No matter what design you choose, the card will likely be five inches by seven inches in size. The price will vary for both virtual and traditional announcements. Some announcement websites are provided for free but sites with more capabilities and storage space come at a cost. The price for traditional announcements will vary on the complexity of the design and the number of cards ordered, but one should expect to pay one to two dollars per announcement.

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