Free Baby Web Pages

Written by Jacey Harmon
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It seems that a part of becoming a parent is having the urge to show your new baby to the world. With the help of the Internet and a baby website, parents now have the capability to show off their little person to anyone, anywhere, anytime. In all likelihood your baby's website will not be viewed by the billions of people who surf the Web, but it is a great resource for family and friends to keep up with the child's progress.

Baby websites are a great tool for parents to share pictures and information about their child or children. Parents can easily upload pictures of a baby on to the website for all to see. This is much easier, and cheaper, than having several prints made and sending them out to all the family members. Instead of having to wait for you to send pictures, family members can instantly view photos once they are uploaded.

Baby websites also offer a great opportunity for distant relatives to stay informed of a child's progress. Most baby websites can be designed with a page designated specifically for parents and family members to leave messages. Parents can report milestones or events, such as first steps or first tooth, that the family may like to know about. A website that is regularly updated with information and pictures will become a popular site amongst the family.

Starting a Baby Website

There is a large selection of online companies that provide baby website services. These companies have website design software that can be used by anybody who can operate e-mail. Most businesses will offer several services that range from free websites to those that carry a monthly or annual fee. Free baby websites will have many of the same capabilities as the premium sites but on a smaller scale, namely a smaller storage capacity. Whether the site is free or carries a fee, it will be a great way for parents to share their child with distant family and friends.

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