Free Baby Website

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Families are making a shift towards a digital way of life. Videos are no longer the most popular option for watching home movies. Digital based DVDs are becoming the norm for renting movies. Digital cameras are fast replacing traditional film cameras. The Internet has become a source for news, recreation, shopping, and communication for millions around the world.

Baby websites are fast becoming popular amongst new parents. These online, interactive photo albums are handy tools to share photos with far off family and friends. They can also be used as a hub to keep loved ones informed. Message board capabilities allow families to utilize the website as a hub for communication.

There are a variety of resources available that offer baby websites at no charge. These online companies have simplified the design process to allow anyone to build a baby website. Many site themes are available to choose from. Gender specific, gender neutral, or even holiday themed templates are available to use. Photographs can be organized in customized files to allow users to create themed albums. Mailing lists give users the capability to contact everyone in a mail box with a single e-mail, a handy feature for busy new parents.

Free Baby Website Limitations

There are some limitations to free baby websites when compared to premium baby websites. Free sites will have a limited number of photos that can be uploaded to the site. Premium sites can have enough storage for several hundred photographs. Free sites will likely have advertising banners located throughout the website. Premium sites are typically free of advertising. Despite a few limitations, free baby websites are a unique tool families can use to share new additions with family and friends.

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