Free Family Websites

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Long distance communication has evolved over the years. One of the early ways to communicate with people over large distances was through smoke signals. Written correspondence, which is widely used today, was an advance in communicating over long distances. Alexander Graham Bell's telephone allowed individuals to have conversations with people around the globe for the first time. One of the most recent advances in communication has been the widespread growth of the Internet.

Families have long been spread out across countries and oceans, making keeping in touch difficult at times. As communication techniques have evolved, families have adapted and taken advantage of new technologies. The trend is strong today as many families are using the Internet to communicate with far-off friends and relatives. E-mail is used by billions of people around the world to share stories, news, and pictures with loved ones. E-mail is not the only internet tool families have at their disposal, however; personal family websites can help a family stay in touch.

Family websites can be built to any specification or have any application a family so desires. Most family websites are simply built to show pictures and to keep loved ones informed of current family events. However, family sites can include applications such as password protection, mass e-mail, and message boards.

Family Websites for Free

Many internet service providers will offer customers free web space for family websites. This requires the website to be pre-built and then uploaded onto the service provider's server. For those that are not so HTML savvy, there is a wide selection of family website providers to be found on the Internet. These vendors offer free websites that can be built with their design software. The software is designed to allow people with no design experience to easily construct their own family site.

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