Fun Online Websites For Babies

Written by Jacey Harmon
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There is something for everyone on the Internet. Whether you are 80 years old or just one year old, there is plenty of fun stuff to find on the Internet. Parents search the Net with their young kids to find all sorts of interactive websites that are not only entertaining but may have educational value as well.

Websites geared towards little minds tend to have a lot of games where colors or letters are involved. With the current flash technology, websites can offer games that involve a variety of tasks such as finding a color or coloring in a picture. With the computer's speakers turned on children will get a kick out of the sound effects many online games have.

Several websites offer interactive applications that include the use of the keyboard. These games or activities will have responses for each key on the keyboard. Young babies will enjoy seeing the effect of their actions on the computer screen. One of my three year old son's favorite games is the "Keyboard Elmo" game on the Sesame Street website. When the child presses a letter Elmo responds with an item that begins with the letter, or if a button that isn't a letter is pushed, Elmo laughs.

Using Fun Websites for Babies

The faster the internet connection, the better the odds are of having a positive gaming experience. Slower connections will result in delayed game responses and a lack of interest from the young child. Several of the games will require plug-ins such as Macromedia or Quicktime to view the video or game application. If the necessary plug-in is not found on your computer, websites will often provide a link for downloading the required plug-ins.

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