New Baby Blessings

Written by Jacey Harmon
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When a new baby is born, it is most often a joyous occasion for family and friends. The new baby is instantly loved by parents, siblings, and other family members. Family and friends will want to express their blessings for the new child to the parents. For those that want to convey how they feel about the new baby, they can utilize a plethora of unique gift ideas that convey baby blessings.

Gift Ideas for New Baby Blessings

One of the most common ways to express blessings for a new baby is through poetry. There are plenty of gift ideas that include baby blessings in the form of poems. Items such as baby books and photo albums will include several poems that articulate feelings and desires for the new baby. Greeting card companies like Hallmark have a wide selection of baby blessing cards available to choose from.

Figurines and photo frames often include a poem or baby blessing. One gift my wife and I received when our son was born was a figurine of an angel holding a baby with a quoted scripture off to the side. Photo frames can surround a baby's picture with prayers or blessings and can be used for a number of years. Framed prints of popular blessings or prayers can make a great addition to a nursery wall.

The Internet is becoming a common tool used to express baby blessings. Families with new baby websites will often have message boards located on the website. The message boards offer an opportunity for individuals to communicate their personal blessings for the new baby. The Internet's version of the greeting card, the e-card, can be sent through e-mail programs to let the new parents know you are thinking of them and their new child. However you choose to express your blessings for a new baby, the parents will enjoy feeling the love you share.

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