New Baby Gifts

Written by Jacey Harmon
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There are an estimated four million babies born every year, which equals a conservative estimate of 12 million baby gifts annually. Entrepreneurs have recognized the massive market for baby gifts and have created a plethora of gift ideas for people to choose from. Wading through the sea of choices may be a bit overwhelming, but there are steps to reduce the stress of finding the right gift.

Choosing the Right Gift

The first step to choosing the right gift is to decide on who or what your gift will be intended for. You can choose a gift specifically for the parents or specifically for the child. You can choose a gift that both the parents and child can enjoy, or you can simply choose a gift that the parents will need to take care of their newborn baby. Choosing the function of the gift effectively reduces the amount of possibilities to choose from.

Once you have chosen the function of the gift you can start searching for a gift that fits your budget. Combined with knowing the purpose of the gift, knowing your budget will drastically reduce the gift possibilities. After you have settled on a price for the gift, you should consider what the parent's likes and dislikes are. This may require talking with the parents themselves and asking them simple questions to get a better idea of what they like in terms of style, design, and themes.

If you can't decide on a gift that is needed or a cute little knick-knack gift, you can rely on your knowledge of the parents to make the right decision. In most cases, the parents will want a gift that is needed instead of a knick-knack gift. A gift that will come in handy and aid in taking care of the newborn will probably be more appreciated than something that will likely find its way into the closet. I'm mainly speaking from experience, one of the gifts my wife and I received was a bottle drying rack and we used it every day until our son stopped using bottles.

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