New Baby Messages

Written by Jacey Harmon
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When a baby is born, parents want to inform everyone of the birth and loved ones want to get a message of joy and congratulations to the parents. There are plenty of options for families and individuals to choose from for getting their message across. Ranging from traditional to technology based methods, there seems just as many ways to deliver a message as there are messages to give.

Birth announcements function as a way to notify family and friends of a child's birth. Though they are one of the more traditional ways of sending new baby messages, there are now less traditional styles of announcements. Most announcements will have a lovely poem or message expressing the joy and pride the family feels. Some customized announcements follow themes including: magazine cover, theater production, and circus themes.

Greeting cards and flower bouquets are more traditional ways for individuals to deliver their new baby messages. For families who use the Internet, or even have a family or baby website, unique e-cards can be an enjoyable way to deliver a new baby message. Candy, balloon, or flower bouquets are other eloquent ways to deliver new baby messages.

New Baby Blogs

A unique way for parents to involve family and friends is to utilize a new baby blog. Blogs are basically an online journal that can be updated daily and be read by anybody. Parents can write the blog as if it was written by the new baby itself. This can create many laughs for a reader as they read what life is like through a newborn's eyes. Parents can also get creative and give views of politics or social events from the perspective of a little baby. In any case, a baby blog should be great fun for the parents to write and the readers to read.

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