New Baby Prayers

Written by Jacey Harmon
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According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) there were over four million births in the United States in 2002. Of those, over 27,000 died in their first year of life with birth defects, low birth weight, and sudden infant death syndrome as leading causes of death. That is a sad reminder that despite major advances in pre-natal care, not all babies are born healthy.

When a newborn child becomes sick or is born sick, it is devastating to the family. Parents have visions of a long life full of happiness and success for their new baby. Having those dreams stripped away due to an ill baby is emotionally and sometimes physically overwhelming. In many cases, families may choose not to rely solely on modern medicine to cure their baby, many will turn to the power of prayer.

There are many resources for the family of a sick child to ask for others to pray for their child's health. The minister or pastor of the family's church will ask the congregation to pray for the baby through the Sunday sermon or church bulletin. The Internet has many websites dedicated to prayer, and they have message boards for people to communicate their prayer needs. Personal family websites and e-mail can help with the request of prayer for a sick child.

Expressing Support and Prayers

Prayer is a deeply personal conversation between you and God. However, it is helpful to let the family of a sick child know that they are in your prayers. A simple card or flower bouquet expressing your well wishes is a thoughtful way to show the family you care. Having an abundance of support from caring and loving individuals can mean the world to parents as they go through difficult times.

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