Online Baby Books

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Baby books have been used for generations to preserve memories from a child's first years of life. As with everything today, technology has played a role in advances to baby books. Traditional baby books have enjoyed advances in paper and book manufacturing as well as printing techniques. Software and website developers have designed programs that allow individuals to design and utilize virtual baby books.

Virtual Baby Books

There is a variety of software programs available that can be used to create baby books. The baby books created through software programs allow you to save the same memories as a traditional book. Virtual baby books are much more interactive than a more traditional baby book though. For example, a parent can create a multi-dimensional chart that tracks the growth of a child over the years.

Baby books can be created online to share with family and friends worldwide. Many services located on the Web allow parents to design personal websites that include various options for saving memories. A great benefit of an online baby book is it allows distant family members to contribute their thoughts and prayers. Online baby books can also store several hundred photos that can be viewed by family members across the globe.

The costs involved with creating an online baby book will vary depending on the complexity and size of the book. A more complex book with lots of graphics, animation, and various pages will carry a higher cost than a simple book. A majority of family website vendors will offer a small, simple website for free. In general, one can expect to spend roughly $30 a year for having an online baby book.

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