Online Baby Photos

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Whether you are trying to find baby photos to use or you are trying to post your baby's photo for others to view, the Internet is becoming an expanding arena for sharing baby photographs. Babies may be one of the most photographed subjects in the world. Every parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle has taken hundreds of photographs of the babies in their family. Professional photographers have used babies as subjects in their photography for years with several becoming world famous for their photographs.

Using the Internet to Share Baby Photographs

Hospitals are using the Internet to post newborn baby photos for family members to view. The hospital will have a digital photograph taken of a newborn and have the photograph uploaded to the hospital's website or a partner website. The photos are protected content that only family or friends with access information can view. Hospitals will generally charge for this service and it will likely not be covered by an insurance policy.

Families can utilize the Internet to post their babies' photos on personalized websites. The website can be dedicated to just the new child or to the entire family. Free baby websites will typically allow up to 10 photographs to be uploaded to the site. Paid baby sites can include several hundred photographs for family and friends to view. In either case, the baby website is a convenient outlet for sharing new photographs with distant family and friends.

Professional photographers who use babies as subjects can use the Internet to promote their photography. Online image databases offer professionals a forum to exhibit their baby photographs to a large audience. Professional photographers will often have a personal website with their photo galleries and an opportunity to purchase prints.

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