Online Family Photo Albums

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Sitting down and looking at the family photo album is a lot of fun. Children often look with disbelief at photographs of when their parents were young. Parents enjoy reminiscing about when their children, and themselves, were younger. Looking at old pictures sparks many memories and conversations that tend to start "Remember when ... "

A New Type of Photo Album

Technology has played a role in changing the traditional photo album into a more versatile digital photo album. Software programs and internet applications allow people to create digital versions of the photo albums they have in their homes. Digital photo albums offer more capabilities than a traditional album: having captions for photos, creating photo galleries, or fixing red-eyed pictures.

The basics of a digital photo album are rather simple to understand. A photograph is scanned into your computer or uploaded from a digital camera. The picture is then transferred to the software program, or uploaded to the website hosting your album. Once the photograph is loaded to its proper location, it can be easily modified and organized for viewing.

Online photo albums offer an opportunity for relatives to view family photos anyplace, anytime. If you choose, you can password protect your online photo album to allow access only to those people of your choosing. You can have the capability to save several hundred photographs in your online photo album. You can choose to organize photos into thumbnail galleries or keep each photo its original size or a combination of both. Online photo albums offer many more possibilities to share and enjoy your windows to the past.

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