Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Written by Jacey Harmon
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For every baby that has been born, there is a good chance there has been a baby shower. The baby shower is the first formal opportunity for family and friends to give gifts to expecting parents. This creates an opportunity to give a gift that is needed, a gift that is unique, or a combination of the two. In any case, the baby shower is a great experience and a memorable moment for all involved.

Types of Unique Baby Shower Gifts

When choosing a baby shower gift, there are a couple main areas where gifts fall: for the parents, for the child, or something the parents will need to take care of the child. These groups will basically cover every gift a person will give at a shower. The first step to finding your unique gift is to decide who or what your gift is intended for.

For gifts that are intended for the parents, there are plenty of options to choose from. For expecting fathers a rather unique gift idea is a "diaper changing tool belt." This is similar to the traditional tool belt but instead of tools it holds wipes, diapers and powder. Both mother and father may enjoy a "belly casting kit," which creates a plaster cast of the mom's expanded belly. A personalized baby website may be an ideal gift for expecting parents with family spread across the country.

If your gift is intended for the child, you may want to consider a "massage snuggie." The massage snuggie is a one piece that has markings on it at ideal baby massage points. If the new baby has older siblings the "Santa cookie plate" is a great gift as the older siblings will be included in the fun. A unique gift idea that is functional is "themed baby towels," which are very soft to the touch and are shaped like a dog, cat, or other animal.

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