Body Jewelry Designer

Written by Sierra Rein
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A body jewelry designer has a lot to consider before she first sets pen to paper. The forms and functions of body jewelry are extremely delicate and must be created with care. While most people understand how earrings are hung or posted through ears, these types of decorations are a bit more complicated.

There are a few different choices of where to put body jewelry. The most popular are the belly button, eyebrow, nose, and tongue. However, some bolder people choose to wear genital and nipple rings.

The Process of a Body Jewelry Designer

Before putting torch to metal, a body jewelry designer must consider weight, metal consistency and balance. A nose ring made of too much heavy metal can stretch the piercing and become very painful to it's wearer. She must also decide how the fixing is going to work and how to make the jewelry both pleasing to the eye and safe to wear.

Once this is accomplished, she can either free form the metal or make small casts and include whatever stones, glitter, or plastic imagery she wishes to use. If the wholesale body jewelry production is made in bulk at a factory, the designer can hand over a "beta" version to a team of engineers who can then mass produce them. These are soon sold as wholesale body piercing jewelry at a great price to others.

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