Body Jewelry Distributor

Written by Sierra Rein
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Some people forget that they can purchase items directly from a body jewelry distributor. Instead, they feel forced to drive to malls, local stores, or search through a body jewelry catalog in order to find quality body decorations. Unfortunately, they may not save as much as they could in the process.

While some beautifully delicate jewelry is made by hand, most can be made in factories on a massive scale. This is especially true for body decorations which are made with simple bars and rings. After the basic shape is produced in the factory, it can be either hand or machine decorated with custom logos, stones and jewels.

What a Body Jewelry Distributor

A body jewelry distributor is able to sell factory-made high quality nose rings, nipple rings, and tongue bars (to name a few) directly to the public. He can do so easily through catalogs and online websites, allowing customers to purchase either individual items or bulk piercing jewelry wholesale. Because he is saving so much in the process, he will also be able to offer lowered shipping costs and specialty sales.

By looking through a wholesale body jewelry catalog, you can find gifts for friends and relatives. You can also purchase in bulk and organize your own sale at the next school event, neighborhood fund-raiser or farmer's market. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your distributor for more information.

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