Body Jewelry Manufacturer

Written by Sierra Rein
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It is the job of a body jewelry manufacturer to take the sketches from a body jewelry designer and physically build them from scratch. The factory and all the engineers must be able to know how to use metallurgy. They must also understand and be efficient in how to install stones and beads.

Because body jewelry is going to be placed in very delicate tissue (and in very personal parts of the body), the manufacturer must take care when choosing his materials. Some people are allergic to certain metals while others may lead to infections and ingrown skin. It takes expertise and experience to build jewelry that is balanced, healthy and beautiful.

Buying Directly from a Body Jewelry Manufacturer

To cut out the "middle man" of shopping, many people choose to bypass the store. Instead, they choose to purchase items from a manufacturer's catalog. They can purchase either individual items or buy bulk body jewelry at a large fraction of the retail cost.

A body jewelry manufacturer can offer the same products found in stores and be able to sell these easily online. Because the factory has access to great shipping supplies and rates, it is also more likely to send jewelry at lower handling prices. Just be sure to check out all of the online FAQ's to educate yourself about all policies before making a purchase.

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