Body Piercing Wholesale

Written by Sierra Rein
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To get great body piercing wholesale prices, you have to go to an original supplier of body jewelry. You need to go to the same source that all other stores, mall shops and kiosks rely on. By doing this, you bypass the price increases normally found and instead pay at an enormous discount rate.

Many body piercing wholesale companies let you choose whether to buy individual pieces or many items at bulk prices. Of course, buying in bulk is cheaper per piece. And, although most people will not need 50 to 100 tongue bars, many can choose to make their own business thrive by buying in bulk, raising the price a small percentage, and reselling them in their own stores, on the Internet, or at local fundraisers.

Types of Body Piercing Wholesale Items

Because one can find the same items at a wholesale warehouse as one can in a body piercing store, it is easy to find your favorite jewelry items. Many designers of factory body jewelry build in popular logos and cartoon characters into their belly button rings. Others enjoy creating hot wholesale body jewelry for the more adult set, with unique metal spikes and stones to offset the cool sheen of metal.

Make sure to discuss with your jewelry wholesale company of choice regarding any issues of quality. If they have a guarantee, understand any return policies and ask for shipping and handling discounts (if offered). You will then know the risks involved in buying bulk items and how to resolve any problems in the future.

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