Bulk Body Jewelry

Written by Sierra Rein
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To make the most out of one's precious money, buying bulk body jewelry is one of the best options to go with. It's the method used by all major jewelry stores, as it lowers the price per item. The store can then make money by charging the public a large overprice percentage.

"Bulk" can refer to any large assortment of items, whether at 50, 100 or 500 count. Bulk body jewelry can be purchased in a variety of different styles. From the traditional punk tongue and eyebrow rings to popular navel rings found amongst teenagers, anything that can be purchased in a store can be purchased in bulk.

Finding Bulk Body Jewelry Sources

Simply contacting a factory that manufactures bulk jewelry will not assure one a good source for wholesale body jewelry. Some warehouses have strict contracts with stores and will not sell to any outside company. However, most of the time a simple online search can help you focus your attention only on those companies interested in selling to you in bulk.

Sometimes bulk body jewelry sites have special offers in order to get rid of past inventory and make room for new ones. In this case, hot wholesale body jewelry is an extremely small fraction of the original retail price. Add this to great shipping and handling policies and regular clearance prices, and anyone can make a very good purchase of high quality body jewelry.

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