Factory Body Jewelry

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are interested in beginning your own jewelry store, you need to know the differences between hand crafted and factory body jewelry. Hand crafted jewelry usually takes a long time to make and requires a highly skilled artisan to bend the wire and place the stones into the correct fittings. Novices who make handcrafted body jewelry can create rings that fall off easily or use poorly manufactured steel that falls apart.

In the professional world, however, handcrafted jewelry is exquisite and extremely expensive. Factory body jewelry may not have the prestige and glamour associated with human-made products, but it is nevertheless made with strength and quality in mind. It is also cheaper and can be purchased in bulk easily and quickly.

The Value of Factory Body Jewelry

Many businesses who sell body jewelry know that a large inventory is important. Many different people come into their stores, looking for the best stones and metals to catch their fancy. A limited variety of body jewelry will not bring in many customers at all.

Thus, most companies rely on factory direct body jewelry in order to maintain good customer attraction and to aid in bringing them back for more. Wholesale factory body jewelry companies also enjoy selling items in bulk because it means they can reduce their own costs and make room for future products. For more information, contact a reliable wholesale manufacturer of body jewelry and ask if they have a factory direct sales department.

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