Wholesale Belly Button Ring

Written by Sierra Rein
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As body jewelry rise in popularity, so do the opportunities to find good wholesale belly button ring suppliers. Wholesale body jewelry distributors are constantly being called to send bulk packages of navel rings. Shopping malls, jewelry kiosks and country fairs alike are also on the lookout for low-cost sources of wholesale belly rings.

Belly button rings are extremely popular body decorations, especially among young teenage girls. Navel rings are discreet enough to wear underneath clothes, but are also extremely attractive to wear with low-riding jeans and crop tops. A girl may even buy several different belly button rings to match the colors and styles of the many fashions in her closet.

Deciding Your Source for a Wholesale Belly Button Ring

Although most factory direct jewelry is purchased by retail stores in bulk, many companies offer wholesale prices for individual pieces. It is not unusual for a distributing company to sell belly button rings at incredible discount prices thorough a catalog or online shopping site. One can buy the same types and styles of navel rings through these sources as one can at a local shopping center.

A high quality wholesale belly button ring source will help you pick out the items you need easily. They should offer some sort of guarantee regarding their products and should answer any questions you have about how the factory makes the jewelry. Finally, a good shipping and handling policy must be in place before you go forward with a new order.

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