Wholesale Body Jewelry

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many reasons to purchase wholesale body jewelry. For jewelry shops, finding affordable yet quality ear rings, nipple piercing bars and navel decorations for their customers can certainly be a step in the right direction to improve business. The number of sales also increase as customers return time and time again for lower prices and high satisfaction.

The best reasons for shopping at wholesale body jewelry stores is that a single store may hold thousands of different models, makes, colors, and designs. And, because the market is constantly changing and improving, a shop's inventory can often change and grow. Consumers and shoppers for resale stores will be happy to come back to find new products and even lower prices.

Types of Wholesale Body Jewelry

The same jewelry that can be found in a store on the famous Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, is sold on wholesale body jewelry supply sites. One can find adorable belly rings in addition to spiked nose screws. From gothic culture to teenage lifestyle fashions, all styles can be met.

It is important to look through a body jewelry catalog, online or through a magazine, and seek exactly what look you are going for. If you will be buying in bulk, consider choosing clearance items. Many wholesale stores and websites will also be able to give out free items in exchange for good customer patronage.

Finding the Right Wholesale Body Jewelry Distributor

Because an item of body jewelry is a very personal choice, it is very important to purchase items that are of high quality and make. Sometimes certain metals can cause rashes, infections and allergies. It is best to purchase through a wholesale body jewelry company to ensure that what you want to buy is what you get.

Good customer service and a clear return policy is essential as well. It is a good idea to read all the online FAQ's regarding each wholesale body jewelry store and to understand the return information. Then, in case the products which come in the mail are the wrong size for the piercing in question, you can return them for either store credit or a full refund.

Why Are Wholesale Products So Popular?

Wholesalers make business directly with the manufacturer in order to try and reduce prices. By buying items in bulk sizes, they are charged a lower price per product. They can then make money by overpricing the items by only a small amount, selling their retail products at a fraction of the traditional price and literally pass savings on to their customers.

Some enjoy buying from wholesale products because it affords them the chance to buy many gifts for families, friends and co-workers at an incredible discount. They can choose to give them as birthday presents, christmas stocking stuffers or "just because" remembrances. Businesses and schools can also purchase items wholesale to save money in the long run as well, while individuals can buy wholesale body jewelry at their ease.

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