Wholesale Body Jewelry Display

Written by Sierra Rein
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A wholesale body jewelry display is a great way to let potential customers see the jewelry in a beautiful and tasteful arrangement. For anyone in the jewelry business or own a store which features body jewelry, choosing how to display one's wares is an important business decision. How the seller catches the customer's eye is almost as vital as whether or not the customer chooses to purchase the item.

The art of coming up with a good wholesale body jewelry display relies partly on psychology and partly on engineering talent. People are attracted to color, bright lights and words that reflect positive thoughts. They are also interested in items that are easy to see that are at eye level or lower, or if the display is a small jewelry box that can be picked up and played around with in the light.

What if the Wholesale Body Jewelry Display is Online?

With the popularity of Internet shopping on the rise, it is now very easy for a body jewelry distributor to put its wares on a web site. However, because the items are not displayed in person, the site must be able to describe the items with accuracy and flair. After all, most people do not wish to send their well-earned money to a company without knowing the exact dimensions, quality and design of the items they are to receive.

An online display of body jewelry may be a nice HTML table with pictures of body jewelry in nice detail. Different colors, logos, or characteristic versions of each design can be featured in a smaller picture on the side, or through a pull down menu. The pictures should be accompanied by a short but informative blurb regarding the name, style, form, and function of the item of body jewelry, making it an easy task to scroll through all the options available and finding the best choice.

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