Wholesale Body Jewelry Distributor

Written by Sierra Rein
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It is the job of a wholesale body jewelry distributor to act as an ambassador between a jewelry factory and the retail stores who needs to purchase its products. It is up to the distributing company to connect the right manufacturing factory with the client who is likely to make a profit off of the inventory. The more money the client makes off of these items, the more likely he is to come back to the distributor for more.

A wholesale body jewelry distributor must be able to recognize current fashion trends and to plan for the possibilities of future ones. As the age of body piercers gets younger and younger, for example, distributors will recognize that fun cartoon imagery and youthful sayings are more likely to sell than the more traditional "punk" decorations. With current pop stars sporting nose rings and belly rings, it is no wonder that demand for wholesale body jewelry has skyrocketed.

Choosing a Wholesale Body Jewelry Distributor for Business

Because the connection between factory product and retail store is extremely important, a business owner will need to establish a good rapport with the distributor of his choice. However, sometimes it takes a little bit of know how to pick the right one. A good distributor must be attentive, clear, understandable and able to customize the bulk body jewelry orders to his or her client's needs.

Before placing an order through a distributor, a business owner may wish to view his factory's inventory and compare the prices found in its body jewelry catalog with others. Knowing that the products are 100% guarantee is a great sign, as well as hearing positive testimonials from previous customers. Finally, a well-insured shipping and handling policy for all the orders can seal a deal quickly and efficiently.

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