Wholesale Body Jewelry Manufacturer

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are a lot of duties assigned to a wholesale body jewelry manufacturer. Not only is the company in charge of choosing the design and creation process of the jewelry. It is also challenged with finding a distributor of the wholesale products to connect with retail stores, mall shops and online jewelry store companies willing to purchase bulk body jewelry.

The construction of body jewelry is pretty simple by most standards, but still a very detailed process. The wholesale body jewelry manufacturer chooses one or several different designers to come up with sketches, computer models, or prototype jewelry for inspection. Once the favorite designs are chosen, engineers get together with a plan and organize the factory to build the desired inventory.

The Next Tasks Required by a Wholesale Body Jewelry Manufacturer

After the items are created and collected, the manufacturer must contact a distributing company. This distributor must understand the types of body jewelry that has been manufactured and which clients will be more likely to purchase the factory's products in bulk. The manufacturer will charge a per count price which is slightly higher than the average price it takes to make the jewelry, yet at lower prices from those charged in retail stores.

In order to maintain a reputation, a wholesale body jewelry factory must prove itself in terms of high quality and low price. It may help the distributor gain clients by offering clearance inventory items, provide two for one sales, or include free collections of accessories, cleaning supplies, or body jewelry display items as incentives. Above all else, it should provide a 100% guarantee if it expects to continue a fruitful and cooperative business.

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