Wholesale Body Jewelry Nipple Shields

Written by Sierra Rein
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Wholesale body jewelry nipple shields are certainly very popular items. Although they may not be the most polite style of body jewelry to talk about in public conversation, nipple shields are one of the more discreet ways in which a person can dress him (or her) self up. In fact, this style is not just for youngsters or celebrities and is enjoyed by people of all ages!

Wholesale body jewelry nipple shields can be built in a number of different forms and styles. Their basic function is to surround the nipple in a decorative metal in a full or half circle. The bar piercing the nipple itself acts as an anchor, allowing any number of specialized designs to either hang from or add a startling contrast to it.

Where to Buy Wholesale Body Jewelry Nipple Shields

While a retail store can charge a high price for even steel or pewter nipple shields, wholesale prices mean up to 90% savings. The same exact products can be found through a wholesale body jewelry catalog, set up just like one you would find in your mailbox in the morning. One can also find online sources of wholesale body jewelry as well.

Even if you do not own a retail jewelry store, you can take advantage of the great prices offered through a body jewelry distributor. Some people choose to purchase items in bulk anyway, to take advantage of the great price and to provide gifts for many people at once. Of course, when it comes to nipple rings, make sure you ask your friends and family members if they would appreciate the use of one!

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