Wholesale Body Piercing Supply

Written by Sierra Rein
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It is essential for any retail store to find a good wholesale body piercing supply source. These supplies can be used in either a small crafts store or for a large shopping mall company. They can also be purchased in bulk or per single count by any individual interested in saving some serious money.

There are a lot of items to consider when shopping for a full wholesale body piercing supply. In addition to the ever-popular wholesale belly rings, tongue bars and eyebrow jewelry, a reseller must consider more obscure items like wholesale body jewelry nipple shields and lip bar bells. Variety is the key to generating customer retention and new customer appreciation.

Other Wholesale Body Piercing Supply Options

Because body jewelry is made up of multiple parts, it is easy for a customer to loose bits and pieces of their favorite jewelry. Having an on-hand supply of replacement balls for bars and bead rings will help any customer in need. They won't have to throw away their favorite piece of jewelry and will appreciate the fact that you had a low-price solution all ready for them.

Purchasing a large assortment of wholesale after care supplies is also a good idea. Body piercings unfortunately become infected every once in a while. Providing customers with low cost antibacterial cleaners for skin irritations and special mouth washes for proper care is a great move and an extra incentive to maintain customer relations.

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