Wholesale Bulk Body Jewelry

Written by Sierra Rein
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Whether you are a retail store owner or just someone who is just wild about body decorations, purchasing wholesale bulk body jewelry can be both a time and money saving option. Wholesale items are at a huge discount compared to retail items. Plus, companies will mark down even those low prices per count if purchased in bulk numbers.

When it comes to bulk body jewelry, it is possible to purchase any number of items in a variety of styles. Large shopping mall stores sometimes buy a "mixed bag" of 500 body jewelry products at the beginning of the season to and make money with them throughout the year. Other companies may choose to purchase small 50 to 100 blocks of bulk jewelry to gauge what designs and fashions are the best selling ones before buying more products.

Sources to Purchase Wholesale Bulk Body Jewelry

It is easy to find great wholesale companies that deal with factory direct body jewelry supplies. They, in turn, might turn to wholesale distributors to primarily deal with the public and future retail clients. They can take orders online, through a body jewelry catalog, or by phone.

Wholesale bulk body jewelry distributors should be able to handle any needs an individual or a retail store has. If they do not have immediate access to the types of body jewelry currently at hand, they should be able to contact other factories and find the right wholesale body jewelry for the customer. Communicating with wholesale sources of other types of supplies, such as cleaning solutions and oral washes, may be a good idea as well.

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