Wholesale Manufacturer Of Body Jewelry

Written by Sierra Rein
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It is the responsibility of the wholesale manufacturer of body jewelry to provide retail businesses with quality, low priced body jewelry. These businesses can specialize in styles ranging from punk nose, eyebrow, and tongue rings to supplying a good shopping experience for teenagers in search of fashionable belly rings. It is up to the manufacturer to design, produce and sell these kinds of wholesale body jewelry to the retail companies in need.

Before a wholesale manufacturer of body jewelry begins plans for a new line of decorative bobbles, the company may have a staff meeting regarding the future of body fashions. For example, the staff members might have seen more teenaged girls wearing a particular brand of cartoon-themed tshirts and purses (a sign that these girls may also be interested in purchasing cartoon-themed earrings and belly rings). In this case, the board may make a note to contact the specific industry who owns the rights to this cartoon character image and request that a deal be made.

The Next Plans for a Wholesale Manufacturer of Body Jewelry

Once new designs for future body jewelry is made, the manufacturer goes to a jewelry engineering specialist. This person (or team) of designers makes sure the metal-smithing factory is able to build the parts necessary to make the jewelry. If there are extremely delicate pieces that must be made by hand, the company may have to consider hiring specialized jewelry makers or dump the designs for more efficient ones.

As the inventory is being produced, the body jewelry manufacturer may hire a distributing company to aid in the process of finding retail companies to purchase its items. This body jewelry distributor will find those jewelry businesses who are more likely to be interested in the styles, colors, and types of body decorations which are being produced. It will then make a deal with the retail store regarding the wholesale price, bulk orders and any other accessories that may be purchased as well.

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