Wholesale Navel Body Jewelry

Written by Sierra Rein
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Every retail company who is interested in following current fashion trends needs to find a supplier of wholesale navel body jewelry. The simple fact is that belly rings in general are becoming more popular and more accepted within today's society. One can see teenagers and young adults sporting navel rings under tank tops and above low riding jeans, and many professional workers enjoy wearing them as a nice alternative to their 9 to 5 image.

Wholesale navel body jewelry can be found in every style and fashion currently in the retail market. They can include (but are not limited to) posts, rings and trendy "charm" styles. Some of the most popular belly jewelry styles include television and cartoon character, snappy and sexy sayings and daring yet tasteful logos and images.

Supplying Wholesale Navel Body Jewelry to the Right Clientele

While it is the job of a body jewelry distributor to find out how to contact the right retail store regarding proper inventory, it is also up to the retail owner to recognize which styles of navel jewelry will fit his or her customer base. A shop in Hollywood, California, may be able to easily cater to the tourist crowd and feature navel rings based on classic celebrity icons or innocent "princess" jewels for young girls. However, the owner of a punk store which attracts goths and alternative styles will do better with darker theme wholesale belly rings.

Purchasing in bulk is the easiest way for anyone interested in saving money on more than a few items of jewelry. This is a great idea for individuals who are on the lookout for simple gifts for their friends and family members who have navel pierces. The average consumer can take advantage of the same savings as any retail market store, as long as they purchase through a licensed wholesale body jewelry supplier.

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