Wholesale Nipple Rings

Written by Sierra Rein
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One of the most specialized needs for body jewelry stores are wholesale nipple rings. While most people wear belly, tongue or eyebrow rings, there is a surprising amount of the population who wear nipple rings. A retail store without a small but sizable selection of nipple rings and bobbles is missing a large source of revenue.

Most retail stores rely on wholesale body jewelry distributors to make money. By buying multiple items in bulk, from 50 to 500 items at a time, a store can save a lot of money per count. In turn, they do not feel forced to raise the retail price above a normally competitive price.

Types of Wholesale Nipple Rings

The rings found in retail stores originated in wholesale body jewelry factories. These include the simplest ring and bead combinations to beautifully decorative shields, dangles and charms. The more intricate, delicate or higher-quality rings, made by hand, will not be sold wholesale but at a special price determined by the original artist.

Anyone who loves body jewelry can buy wholesale nipple rings. Many wholesale companies make some discount body jewelry inventory available to the public at incredibly good prices. Compared to retail, purchasing through a wholesale is simply one of the best money-saving gift ideas imaginable.

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