Wholesale Piercing Jewelry

Written by Sierra Rein
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Wholesale piercing jewelry are part of one of the largest commodities on the planet. The jewelry business, whether made of simple earring hoops or expensive diamond necklaces, is extremely lucrative. However, it is because of the wholesale process which makes business for retail companies boom.

In order to make a profit, retail companies must contact a wholesale piercing jewelry company and find out what types of inventory they sell. A Beverly Hills jewelry company would be more interested in a company which operates with fine gold, silver, and expensive stones. However, a store located in a popular shopping mall may want to look into wholesale teen jewelry instead.

The Next Steps to Buying Wholesale Piercing Jewelry

After perusing a catalog, the retail owner will decide on how many counts if the jewelry would benefit his company. If he understands his regular customer needs, he may instantly know to order 500 wholesale belly rings or 150 tongue bars. However, if he is still in the process of understanding his immediate local market, purchasing low counts in bulk would be a better idea.

With wholesale jewelry, a store can experiment a bit more without risking a lot of investment. If certain jewelry pieces do not sell after a few months, the store owner will know what not to purchase next time. Stocking up on wholesale piercing supply items, such as antibacterial washes for body piercing and extra backings for lost jewelry parts is also a good move.

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