Wholesale Trendy Jewelry

Written by Sierra Rein
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Wholesale trendy jewelry sources are some of the most sought after companies in the market today. With jewelry fashions constantly changing and growing, it is up to retail stores to do their research on what is considered "trendy" and what is considered "passe." This research may include surveys, watching new celebrity fashions and keeping in touch with market flows.

There is a limitless variety of trendy pieces of jewelry out there. The most popular today are belly rings, jeweled letter charms and hundreds of different ear, eyebrow, and nose rings. Body jewelry is more popular among the younger generations, while modest styles are usually worn by traditional, older generations.

Choosing Wholesale Trendy Jewelry at Low Prices

A retail jewelry shop owner must know precisely the type of jewelry which will sell in his store. Purchasing bulk body jewelry is great for a store located in a popular teenage hangout such as a mall or a beach. However, some stores may use their supply budget more wisely and stock up on other types of jewelry which may sell better with older crowds.

Wholesale trendy jewelry can be ordered through a number of wholesale piercing supply companies. A good way of finding out all the possibilities is to order several different catalogs or visit several online websites. One can then pick and choose the most appropriate jewelry at the best prices, increase customer retention and create a stronger business.

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