Mother's Day Gifts

Written by Rylee Newton
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There are too many Mother's Day gifts to list them all. Instead, I've narrowed it down to my three favorite types of gifts to give and receive. These include: hand made gifts, gifts that aid in communication, and last but not least, jewelry.

I Made This

The first gift is the most personal. Home made gifts are usually less expensive, but they are more personal than any item you'll find in the mall. Family photos are great Mother's Day gifts. They are a reminder of the people she loves, and make great additions to any household's decor. If you're good with your hands you can make mom anything from a birdhouse to a cable knit sweater. You can even give a book of coupons, which she can redeem for anything from back rubs to baby sitting to household chores.

Mother's Day Gifts that Help You Stay in Touch

Nothing is more important to moms than staying in touch with their children. You can buy mom a long-distance calling card, or give her a year's cell phone subscription. You can buy her stationary, or give her a personal e-mail account. When it comes to gifts for mom, you can't go wrong with these items.


What woman doesn't enjoy receiving the gift of jewelry? From sterling silver bracelets to birthstone earrings, to locket necklaces, you can't go wrong with jewelry. You can personalize any of these items with an engraved name or name beads. Nothing beats Mother's Day gifts you can wear.

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