Sterling Silver Bracelets

Written by Rylee Newton
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Silver has been admired throughout history for its beauty and durability. It's one of the most popular items in every woman's jewelry collection. You can dress silver up with pearls or gems, or opt to keep it simple. Either way, silver jewelry is versatile and always in style. If you love silver, sterling silver bracelets are the way to go. There are so many different styles you can't go wrong.

Sterling Silver Bracelets: The Basics

If you want to make sure your sterling silver bracelets are genuine, just check the label. If it's the real deal, somewhere on the piece it will be marked with the word "sterling" or the number .925. The number .925 is derived from the fact that silver can only be called "sterling silver" if it contains 92.5% pure silver. Why not 100% silver you ask? Silver has to be mixed with an alloy, or the metal becomes too soft to hold its shape.

One of the reasons sterling silver bracelets are so popular is their reflectivity. It is one of the shiniest of all the elements. If you're worried about them rusting or fading, they polish like new with minimal effort.

So Much Silver, So Little Time

There are so many options when it comes to silver bracelets. One of the most popular items is the mother's bracelet. It features the name of a woman's children or loved ones. Also popular are silver charm bracelets. You can't go wrong with one of these. No matter what you chose, silver jewelry is sure to be worn often and worn proudly.

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