Catholic Medals

Written by Kevin Little
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Catholic medals are not just for show. You'll find when you're browsing through the wide range of medals that it's difficult to shop without learning something along the way. The medals you'll find all have stories that go along with them. The history of Catholicism is so rich that it seems there's always something new to learn.

Of course, Catholic medals also need to look great to merit such interest--and they do. Carefully crafted from gold or silver, these medals are made to keep their looks for a long, long time. These medals allow you to proudly display your faith while you add class and color to your wardrobe.

Catholic Medals of Patron Saints

One of the largest subsets of religious medals concerns patron saints. This category is so broad due to the fact that there are so many saints to cover. These medals feature saints that preside over professions, activities, and even sports! A medallion that pictures a saint important to your daily life is an object you'll treasure each time you wear it.

Finding Catholic medals of the saints that interest you can seem akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Yet this task is not as strenuous as it might seem. Detailed listings of the saints along with their patronage can be found on the web. This information is distributed via convenient drop-down menus that allow you to search either by saint or by activity.

Miraculous Catholic Medals

One of the most important medals in Catholic history is aptly named the Miraculous Medal of Mary. This medal was first given to St. Catherine Laboure in 1830. Mary is reputed to have visited Catherine in her convent over the course of that year, and during one of those visits she imparted the details of this medal to the blessed St. Catherine.

This medal is constructed in four parts which form the shape of a cross. Mary, Jesus, St. Christopher and St. Joseph are all included in the medal's design. The backs of these amazing Catholic medals, still crafted today, are stamped with a large "M," perhaps to remind us of its incredible origins.

Beyond Catholic Medals

Medals are not the only supplies available to the enterprising Catholic. Everything from sacrament-specific gifts to statues to cemetery lights is displayed on convenient Catholic websites. These sites do more that just offer products; they also provide detailed descriptions and facts about these products and the teachings of the Church as well.

Even among so many different items, Catholic medals still stand out in a special way. These medals capture a little bit of the tradition of the Church, a tradition that grows more fascinating and satisfying the more one learns about it. When looking for Catholic items of any sort, don't limit yourself to a mere shopping trip. Instead, embark on a fulfilling learning process each time you browse!

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