Catholic Rosaries

Written by Kevin Little
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Catholic rosaries are not only beautiful to look at but wonderful to use as well. Rosaries are designed around a particular prayer cycle that has been used for centuries. Prayer can be even more fulfilling when you have a beautiful rosary upon which to gaze!

Catholic rosaries are chains of beads that encourage structured, thoughtful prayer. The main part of a set of rosary beads is divided into five sections to allow for consideration of one of the sets of mysteries, be they the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful or Glorious Mysteries. Alternating patterns of Hail Marys, Glory Be to the Fathers, and Our Fathers make up the prayer repertoire needed for saying the rosary; the beads are there to help you keep track of what prayer comes next.

Such structure in terms of prayer leads to lovely design options for a set of rosary beads. The long circle of beads, which leads to a smaller string that ends in a crucifix, is a stunning marriage of form and function. The beads can be made of just about any material you can imagine. There are even colorful plastic rosaries made for the youngest Catholics!

Many Kinds of Catholic Rosaries

There are a host of different rosaries available to the more mature Catholic. Catholic rosaries can be made from gold or silver chains dotted with beads of stone or wood. A good combination of elements can make for a beautiful piece that functions as much more than a display item.

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