Communion Sets

Written by Kevin Little
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Communion sets provide memories for years to come of a young adult's First Communion. Filled with lovely and useful items, these sets provide the basis for an active and engaging future with Catholicism. Not only are the items in these sets reflective of the past, but they are integral to a fulfilling future as well.

Communion sets are normally given when a child first receives the sacrament. These sets are tailored in two ways, one for boys, and one for girls. Such attention to detail makes for a valued and appreciated gift.

These sets include a number of different items, starting with a laminated First Communion book. This book details the meaning and history of the sacrament with succinct words and lovely illustrations. Some sets also come with a case for the book and a bookmark for use by the avid reader. A rosary and rosary case are also among the treasures found in Communion sets.

Communion Sets and More!
If you're looking for an alternative to one of these sets, you might consider a stained glass plaque. These plaques make wonderful display and conversation pieces, and arrive with a certificate ready for personalization. Stained glass is a Catholic tradition, and designs featuring such glass immediately provoke warm memories of the special services that every Catholic enjoys on his or her way to adulthood.

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