Four Way Medals

Written by Kevin Little
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Four Way medals give you four images for the price of one! If you find yourself having difficulty choosing among the many Catholic medals displayed on the internet, you will want to look into one of these versatile Four Way pieces. You will still have decisions to make, as these medals are varied just like all others, but you will gain a certain amount of leeway when you pick a medal that allows for more images than you might have expected.

Most Four Way medals follow a similar pattern. The medal is shaped like a cross, with two circular images placed on the horizontal plane and two others on the vertical. As such, this medal is often called a "Cruciforum." These images are self-contained due to the raised borders that encircle each one. The medal is completed with a dove that rests in the middle.

The top image represents the Sacred Heart of Jesus, while the bottom slot is reserved for a depiction of the Miraculous, the medal handed down by the Virgin Mary. St. Joseph resides to the left, and he is often shown with the Baby Jesus. On the right is found St. Christopher, the mysterious martyr.

Four Way Medals for Special Occasions

Four Way medals are great gifts, as they are traditionally given following events of particular significance to Catholics, such as First Communion. The common composition of these pieces is rendered in a number of different ways to allow for stylistic flexibility. Different versions of these pieces are also made from different materials, such as 14 karat gold and sterling silver.

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