Gold Religious Medals

Written by Kevin Little
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Gold religious medals are made with the eternal student in mind. Catholic medals are incredibly varied, due at least in part to the multitude of patron saints that make up the Catholic landscape. Everyone feels better with a divine being watching over them, and patron saints are there to help people feel more comfortable with their chosen Earthly tasks. Learning about one's patron saint can make a given day at work seem a lot more manageable, thanks to a little guidance from above.

Patron saints make for fascinating study. St. Lawrence, for example, is the patron saint of cooks and comedians. He was once a Roman deacon who faced severe persecution and ultimately execution at the hands of the emperor Valerian. After his death, he became one of the most celebrated Catholic martyrs.

The fact that St. Lawrence has been made a patron of comedy and cooking suggests a bit of awfully dark humor. St. Lawrence's demise was neither funny nor appetizing, as he was roasted to death by what must have been a particularly cruel Roman. Nevertheless, gold religious medals featuring St. Lawrence are quite popular today among those seeking either to perform in the kitchen or on the stage.

A Vast Array of Gold Religious Medals

Gold religious medals of patron saints are available for just about any profession. While at times it can be difficult to discern just why certain saints were matched up with certain activities, one can be sure of the benevolent wishes of these saints. Online stores that feature searchable databases of the saints can be a great resource to the shopper and student alike.

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