Guardian Angel Gifts

Written by Kevin Little
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Guardian angel gifts are a wonderful idea for Catholics of any age. While guardian angels are most commonly associated with children, it goes without saying that we could all use a spiritual helping hand every so often. The belief that our steps are guided by a benevolent force is a powerful one in these uncertain times.

The history of guardian angels as relating to Catholicism is an interesting one. While the concept of a guardian angel for each person has never been officially stated in Church writings, references to angels helping those on Earth are found throughout the Bible, from Genesis on through the New Testament. No less an authority than St. Jerome commented specifically on the guidance provided by angels in the Book of Matthew.

Guardian angel gifts remind us of the heavenly host at work today. One great example of such a gift is a guardian angel medal. These medals are worn by many who look to the angels for comfort and confidence in the course of their daily lives.

Other Guardian Angel Gifts

Other guardian angel gifts are particularly suited to younger Catholics, such as books about the role that guardian angels have played throughout history and continue to play today. Kids will really get a kick out of the lush illustrations and fun facts found in such books. Regardless of what sort of gift your looking for, it's hard to go wrong when you look to the angels.

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